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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Penn State vs Michigan LIVE BLOG:

The Nittany Lions look to end their two game losing streak against Michigan in the Bryce Jordan Center tonight at 7pm ET. The Comradio Hoops blog will provide in game analysis right here! Comments are welcome. **The page will NOT refresh automatically. Please refresh for updated analysis.

Final Stats- Click to Enlarge

FINAL Mich wins 64-55 Penn State began the game doing everything right. Early in the second half Michigan showed signs of life after not being able to do anything in the first half. They were 0-12 from behind the arc. Then in the second half of the second half, everything was falling for Michigan. They started to creep back and it was all downhill for Penn State. A win for Penn State would have been a huge confidence boost. The loss in this fashion is just a confidence crusher. The Lions have begun BigTen play at 0-3. (MEW)

:43.4 Mich leads 64-55 Penn State got the ball off a bad turnover by Manny Harris. Battle took a tough, unnecessary three and missed. Michigan came back the other way and scored and then Jeff Brooks missed a layup. Penn State then needed to foul and here we are (MEW)

1:12 Mich leads 60-55 Everything is finally going right for Michigan and couldn't come at a better time. It now comes down to how Penn State can play in the clutch. Both teams are in the bonus. All fouls are 1 and 1. We are in for an exciting finish. (MEW)

3:50 Mich leads 51-50 Michigan has come back and now has a lead. But Penn State fans should be in their comfort zone. This is the team they are used to seeing. Chris Babb is still hot from three hitting 4 of 5. Deshawn Sims has 23 points on the day. Manny Harris is up to 8. Babb, Battle (Penn State), Sims, Harris (Michigan) are the players to watch down the stretch. It is those two guys on each side that really will make or break this game. (MEW)

6:00 PSU leads 47-43 Everything the Nittany Lions did in the first half is now being erased. Michigan is now really hot especially from three. Penn State needs to focus. (MEW)

10:33 PSU leads 42-35 Michigan has now hit three threes in a row (including one from Harris). DJ Jackson missed a layup for the Lions. The Wolverines are creeping back. Lions need to go back to basics and they can't start chucking up threes themselves. But if they do, give it to Babb. (MEW)

11:54 PSU leads 42-29 Everytime Babb takes a shot, I hear KA CHING! He is money. He is 3 of 3 from behind the arc and 3-4 from inside the arc. Penn State is still doing well on the defensive shuffle. Michigan finally hit a three but are still only shooting 1 of 15. Until Michigan proves they can continue to hit threes, Penn State needs to let them take those shots. They cannot allow the Wolverines to drive. Manny Harris still has only 2 points. Talor Battle has 9. As time winds down, we may see Michigan continue to take threes in order to get back into this game. If the Wolverines get hot, we our in for a good finish. (MEW)

15:18 PSU leads 36-24 Michigan came out strong as I predicted. Their defense is better, and they are also driving the lane more. Penn State has not had too many shot attempts in the early going. Although Penn State looked good with the defensive switching in the first half, they still weren't too physical. With the Wolverines off to a strong start it will be important for the Lions to try and get in passing lanes and in driving lanes. They need to be physical and maybe flop a little to draw the offensive fouls. (MEW)

Full Halftime Stats - Click to Enlarge

Half PSU leads 31-16 The Nittany Lions are playing a heck of a game right now. Michigan is certainly helping. The Wolverines are shooting 0-12 from behind the arc. Not much else to say since the last post. Penn State is just doing everything right. I expect Michigan to come out with a lot of energy. They are a better team than this. The Lions need to stay alert and keep doing exactly what they are doing. even if Michigan starts to creep back, Penn State needs to keep driving the lane and stay quick on defense. So far they have only attempted six 3-pointers which is very low compared to what we normally see. Fundamentals are the key. It's the reason the Lions lead at the half. (MEW)

2:56 PSU leads 27-14 The defensive rotation for the Lions is maybe the best I've ever seen. They really look fantastic. Manny Harris still has just 2 points. Talor Battle has 7. Penn State has done great on switches, they have been great in transition, they have been great in drawing contact, they have been great on following up plays, and they have been the quickest to the loose balls. Everything we thought the Nittany Lions could not do, they are doing. They need to keep their momentum going as we approach the end of the half. As we allude back to Ed DeChellis' message to his team before the game.... Penn State is responding quite well. (MEW)

7:06 PSU leads 20-12 Talor Battle hits a three ball giving him his first points of the game. Both teams have been fairly sloppy with the ball. Penn State has 6 turnovers, Michigan with 7. Penn State needs to continue keeping Michigan to the outside until they prove they can hit a three. They are 0-9 thus far. Deshawn Sims has 10 of the Wolverine's 12 points. Michigan needs to get other guys going. (MEW)

9:40: PSU leads 15-8 Surprisingly, Penn State has only attempted one shot from behind the arc. It was Chris Babb who was wide open and he hit it. Michigan is 0-8 from three point land. Penn State has been fairly smart with the ball making smart plays and not taking hard shots. They have been able to get the shots they want. And as we watch the two leading point scorers closely... Harris has 2 points. Battle is still looking for his first points. Battle is contributing nonetheless with 3 assists and 2 boards. Both teams need to be more physical defensively. (MEW)

14:43: PSU leads 8-4 Well it started off with neither team able to get anything going. Both defenses were playing strong. Penn State has started to go on a little run now and they have a 4 point lead at the first media timeout. However, Penn State already has 3 fouls so they need to be careful. Interestingly enough, Andrew Ott, the Nittany Lions big man, was standing along the perimeter for a long time. My original thought was he should be inside being the big man he is... until of course he hit a three which is exactly what jump started the Lions! Meanwhile, Talor Battle (Penn State) and Manny Harris (Michigan) are the two leading scorers in the BigTen. Both have yet to score. (MEW)

20:00 Defense, Rebounding, and Energy among Ed DeChellis' main points of emphasis for tonight's game for the Nittany Lions.

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